Blister Fixer cream for high heels!

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  1. Anyone else heard if this? I just saw it on the TV news last night. It was part of a story called "High Heel Fix". They said you just rub this cream on your feet before putting your high heels on and it will keep you from getting blisters.

    Anyone else have trouble with blisters when you wear your favorite heels? I have GOT to get me some of that cream - LOL

  2. Wouldn't your feet be all greasy & slipping out of your shoes?
  3. This has always been my hesitation, although I've seen these advertised. I would definitely want to know if they work, but I don't want to be the guinea pig! Right now, I've got blisters still healing from a prior outing.
  4. i get realllllllly bad blisters when i go out! last time i literally couldnt walk any further from them! i was walking through town shoeless but that hurt more so i was in soo much agony!
  5. i buy them for my boyfriend for his soccer shoes......i dont know exactly which one you might to be referring to ...but band aid makes one in a deodorant stick form and its pretty just apply to areas that you think may develop blisters due to continious your feet isn't ALL greeasy....just little areas....hope this helps...
  6. Someone I know who runs marathons uses something like this that's made for runners and sold at sporting goods stores. I was told vaseline works as well. I just rub a little rosebud salve on the parts that hurt and that helps.
  7. Try bodyglide
  8. I purchased "tippy toes miracle cream" it doesn't make your feet greasy just really smooth. I have not tried them on a long outing so I do not know how well it works yet.