Bliss LAU

  1. I have a couple of bags by her - my first was the metallic acordian bag which i almsot got from bag,borrow or steal but then heard horrible things about the condition of their bags. And two more form eBay. I really like her bags and the quality is great no other fans? :shrugs:
  2. post some pix! i've never seen or heard about this designer
  3. okay let me check - I am working on my handbag collection to post on line but let me see if I cna find an internet pic.
  4. i'll be lurking around waiting! :yes:
  5. [​IMG]

    I love her Large Suspension Chain tote!

    But I have yet to own anything of hers yet. :{ How's your accordion holding up?
  6. Its holding smashing - she goes out with me on special ocasions and i stuff it (its only the mini one) and it holds up. how can I post pics I found some of the accordian.
  7. Here is the one i have.
  8. the gold is kind of flashy for me, but the "large suspension chain tote" is totally adorable! they kindof remind me of Tano... i shouldn't google this name, i have enough on my wishlist lol....
  9. i am super flashy vicuousbliss bit I tend to keep my look fairly simple when I wear her. I wore her to a thanksgiving party at a bar with my hubbie - we had just gotten back together. i felt so fat nothing fit ... blah so i wore my dark skinnies, vintage flat boots and a black turtleck empire top with this bag- i got so many compliments on her so she is my plain outfit jazzer upper
  10. Really stunning, and I can picture it with the outfit you just described, too.
  11. thanks compass rose!!!!I really was into metallic bags for a while way before thye were popular -- I used to scour eBay looking for vintage ones - i have quite the collection and when i saw the bliss lau bag in lucky i had to have it. I still like metallic anything because it really jazzes anything.
  12. Stunning looking and different.
  13. Definitely a unique look. The accordian is adorable.