Bliss Lau Suspension Bag

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  1. I bought the Bliss Lau Suspension bag on sale at I really like it -- very unique. The leather is thick and sturdy and I like the "maple" color. Without further ado . .


  2. Wow beautiful. You should offer tours of your closet so we could wonder at all your beautiful bags. Congrats.
  3. I saw this bag too and considered getting it... gorgeous! congrats!
  4. I'm cleaning my closet -- I sold four bags on EBay this week and am getting ready to relist the ones that didn't find homes!
  5. Oh.... I really like this bag. How is its leather? I know you said it is thick and sturdy. But how is its texture? Stiff or soft? TIA.
  6. Very S&M! Interesting to say the least, I think I like it!
  7. WOW, I totally dig it!!! :love:
  8. i like it! it's rockin!! congrats :yes:
  9. I like it!
  10. OMG! thats very nice!