Bliss Lau Chain tote

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  1. Such a great different kind of tote, should I go for it? Luna Boston has it marked down from 595 to 300 and I can use "grechen" for 20% off, such a steal for a tote!

    I love it, maple or black? (I still have yet to own any black purse of any kind)
    blackchain.jpg maplechain.jpg
  2. I saw it IRL when I was in Boston, and it was smaller than it appears in the photos.
  3. I personally like the black, I think the chains look better against a black background, more striking.
  4. I went to this place called Shiki in Austin, they had the black in the smaller size and the maple in the larger size

    The maple was so gorgeous but I agree, the chains look a lot more striking against the black, and that is the main part I love about it!
    Also the shoulder strap was more 4 chains wide on the larger size, and 3 chains wide or more narrow on the smaller size, so it didn't look so much like I had this super large shoulder pad sitting on my shoulder

    I got it price matched for the smaller black chain tote, picture later! This makes two new bags in two weeks XD

    There was also this cuuuute mini accordion Bliss Lau in black, I just might go back and get it tomorrow :sneaky: that just might make 3 in two weeks
  5. I suggest get them both! If must choose one, then black.

    I have one in denim and I think it's superb!
  6. sliaut;lrn;arejhtalkrnb There's one in denim? I've never seen it, you should so post a picture of it!

    But yes, I did get the black one, but I do want both XD
    I got the smaller size cause I thought it looked more proportional to my body than the larger one, and I am loving it more and more

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I want to wear it right away, but I also have the ivory charlie, and I want to get the Bliss Lau disco accordion tomorrow too, hah I've never had the problem getting multiple bags at the same time, now I don't know which purse to wear first :nuts:

    I loooooove the chains :heart: It's my first black bag!
  7. I have this in the smaller size and have to say that the leather "top" part of the handle (connecting the chains at the top) doesn't fit very well on my shoulder. Maybe this isn't such a problem in the larger size?
  8. Hmm the shoulder pad thing seems to fit just fine for me, a problem with double handle bags is that it'd always slip off my shoulder, but this is good so far, of course I've only owned the bag for less than 12 hours...

    If the smaller size gives you trouble, i'm pretty sure the bigger size will stay put better cause the pad thingy is wider since it fits 4 chains across rather than 3 like the smaller bag

    Which color did you get? I wanna see :}
  9. I live in Boston and even comtemplated getting this tote myself its so unusual...i too think the chain detail looks better against the blk. leather, i've tried on in person and the tote is very slouchy even with all the hardware...i say go for its such a great deal!
  10. Nice bag! Very cool looking.
  11. Very gorgeous and unique design. What a good choice!
  12. i LOVE the brown one

  13. Snooplaughs~Is this a heavy bag, with the chains and all. I really like it on you; but for me, I need a light weight bag. Any estimate on the weight?
  14. Just thought i'd bring this thread up again. For those of you who do have it.. how has it been holding up for you? How does the leather feel? thanks