Bliss Labs Products

  1. Just wondering if anyone has used either a shampoo or a body moisturizer by Bliss Labs. I'm tired of my current shampoo and as I've been using Cetafil as moisturizer. Cetafil gets the job done but it also leaves my hands feeling like I've just dipped them into crisco.

    I've liked Bliss Labs in the past for other products. Just wanted to know if anyone had a recommendation or reservation about a particular item.
  2. Love ALL Bliss products. The face masks are luxurious. Silky milk lotion is great for the body. No regrets on any of their products.
  3. ^^ Same here. You could always ask them for some samples if you are unsure? At least then you get to try things without having to pay! xx
  4. I enjoy getting the Bliss catalog and occasionally I do order cosmetics from them, but I have been disappointed with the Bliss brand. I've bought a face mask, lip gloss and eye liner in the past and wasn't happy. I read the catalog to see what's new and what I might like to try, but I tend to buy brands other than Bliss.
  5. The Bliss body lotions are great. That silky milk lotion is very good and I love their lemon spray oil, it is light and smells wonderful.
  6. The few bliss products I tried i liked: Cuticle cream, (not sure if its available anymore) had that forever. Body butter and I really liked their cellulite lower body blaster. Never tried their shampoo though
  7. Just noticed Neimans has a Bliss gift with purchase thing going on. I think all you'd have to spend is $65.00. That way you would get to try that line.