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  1. Well, I just had my favourite bag dream come true, then dashed in a matter of seconds. I check the Chloe pages at BG and NM, to see if they get anything cool in. A few minutes ago, I came across this:

    Roughly 45 seconds later it was no longer available.:lol: Can you believe it? This is my favourite colour, neither store has ever had this one in stock, and its there and gone in less than a minute.

    On a related note, you've corrupted me. The first thing I thought to do when I saw it was to come here and let y'all know.:wacko:
  2. aksfdja;kljdlflads :sad:
  3. Oh dang, that bites. But I'm certainly glad we have that effect on you, you can't fight it, resistance if futile... muahaha
  4. Bummer.. !

    I guess part of the mystique of the Paddington is that it's pretty difficult to get, which helps keep the Paddington owners fairly exclusive ! Oh I want to be a part of that club !
  5. I wonder if the NM site is set up so that if two people are ordering at the same time, they couldn't order more than what they had. Can you imagine? Thinking you got one in time and really didn't? :amazed:
  6. Speaking of Neiman Marcus - a couple of days ago I ordered an IF Brown "Audra" on the phone and the order taker duped the order - now I have been charged twice (bank says it will take a few days for charge to "drop off" - meanwhile the money is in limbo - so no bag yet and no money refunded and I am ready to kill Neiman Marcus (maybe I'm over reacting but I hold the store in high esteem and that kind of mistake i would have expected from a lesser store. Frustrated in Miami!!!
  7. That’s a real bummer:sad2: I hope verything turns out all right for you.
  8. Thx Tintin, I'm hoping for a satisfactory resolution - I'm just really bad at waiting!
  9. Grrrrrr!! I hate when stuff like that happens.

    On a good note though, that's great that they had a brown Audra still in stock! I thought all they had left was the gold.
  10. Yeah, I looked on the website and there is only gold left! Do you have to call to actually get brown?
  11. Well, unless I'm crazy (and who can tell) I'm pretty sure I saw the brown one available on the site and called the order in (never again) after all this money trouble, I sure hope I got it right - If I have to return the bag after all this, I'll implode!. I know I didn't buy gold or bronze or whatever the other color is.
  12. Btw, how much is it? Does anyone know? :love:
  13. The "Audra" retails for $398.00 (if that's what you're asking) but after hearing from Munchkyn, I'm now questioning what the h--- I bought - If nothing else I do know it was brown!!!

    Maybe I just got the last one.
  14. SuzyZ is this the bag you got? If it is that is the one I want and I talked to Neiman and they told me it is discontinued and no longer have it. I wanted to buy one through them and that is what they told me. Maybe that rep did not know what was going on? :suspiciou If you did get it, I envy you because I want to buy my own!

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  15. they had a slightly different audra a few weeks ago. i don't know what the deal is.