Blink and it's gone!

  1. I've loved the electric blue since it came out, but was always afraid the color was too bright. Being around here the last few weeks I came around to it and got a Maddy sent over from London on Tuesday to have a look.
    How unfortunate when I opened the box there was a tear in the leather of the top front zipper! :sad:


    So off she goes back to London! :s

    BYE BYE Maddy! :crybaby:
  2. OH NO! I am so sorry....I can not even imagine your disappointment! :sad:

    How did you like the style of the Maddy though? Yay? Nay? :tup: :tdown:

    But that is one HOT color though....
  3. beautiful color disappointing, i'm sorry!:sad:
    hoping for good bag karma in your near future.:yes:
  4. Oh wow I am so sorry I would be so upset if that had happened to me.
  5. Awwww bella so sorry to hear that :sad:. You did an amazing job of capturing the colour, fabulous photograph.
  6. Stinker, I'm not totally sold on the size. The bag drop is a little cramped for wearing on the shoulder. However, I didn't try it on unstuffed. They have another one in stock so I'll wait for that one and then try it on with sweater and coat, etc...
    I was looking at samantha's pics before I bought it, so I thought the size might work. Then I realized Samantha could make a dirty wino's paper bag look good. :rolleyes:
    The colour isn't nearly as stunning as the NBLP, but I think this blue can go through all seasons better.
    I'm still thinking about an NBLP mave as a party and going out bag. :wlae:
  7. Hi Bella, You've mentioned that you have the bag shipped from London to you. But how do they charge you? And how will they be refunding you the money? I just went to and realised that the EB Maddy is or rather was on sale??!!!! Yes, it's 50% off the original price!!! Even the black is out of stock!! But I've no inkling when the sale happened since I've been stalking the website almost everyday, several times daily too.
  8. I've bought from the London store before so they just charge the credit card they have on file and ship it with some courier service. I actually like their shipping better because the courier service calls before coming over to see if I'm home. Though, I don't know if they do that in every country.
    I'd like to see the other one before refunding, but likely they'll just refund my credit card if they can't replace it.
    Wow girl, you have a sharp eye. :wtf: Too bad they're sold out though! Did you actually see any in stock? We'll have to keep a look out :yes:
    So, you're still dreaming of electric blue? :p
  9. There has been an EB Maddy all along online but I haven't took the courage to take the plunge to purchase it. I think another tpfer managed to get the only one but I think it's the same person who's selling it on eBay now. So just when I thought the EB Maddy is gone forever, I was just toying around the site and went to the sale section to see any new stuff being put up for discounts. There I saw a black Maddy with 'Coming Soon' but out of curiosity I decided to click further. I have emailed for availability but I think it is highly likely there won't be anymore. Anyway no harm trying.
  10. I called them about that one. It didn't say it was the EB, it may be black...or it may be the damaged one...maybe that's why it is on sale.
  11. I was thinking along that line too, i.e. probably a flawed Maddy being put on sale. Could it be Bella's? I feel it's quite unethical to do that. The website should at least highlight that. But anyway at least there's this forum that we can help one another keep a lookout and usually a lot of bags ended up from one member to another.
  12. Mine hasn't been picked up yet. :nogood:
    But, as it's from a boutique, I wonder if they'll have the first go at putting it on sale or if it'll go to online sales because of the damage? :shrugs: