Blingy Mirror Gold RM Morning After

  1. wow!!! pretty!!!! however...I don't like how stiff the leather is, one of the main reasons I love the MAB and MAM is because they have such soft leather!
  2. eh, i don't think that color tranlates well with the shape of the morning after at all, KWIM?
  3. Bling-Bling Baby!!!

    There's a video floating around somewhere that has Rebecca holding the you and idea of the leather etc.....
  4. I'm not quite feeling this one. :s

    But it amazes me what diverse color palette Rebecca has created for her collections.
  5. I would be SOOOOOO scared of scratching up the leather and hardware.

  6. Heres the video
  7. Thanks Daydrmr!!!!!!

    You ROCK!!!
  8. A shop near me has the gold mirror MAB and it's really stunning in person. Very luxe. I don't think I could carry it off, but I can imagine Mary J Blige or Jennifer Lopez rocking it.
  9. It reminds me of the LV mirroir bags...I couldn't pull off anything that bold! :supacool: