Blinging your phone!!

  1. I reallly want to get my phone blinged out..

    i was wondering if any of you have done it, and if you could reccomend me a place there are soo many online but i dont know who to trust, i would rather use someone someone else has used before KWIM>

  2. Theres a place online called NYC Peach or something like's off the Tmobile website :smile:) Good luck!
  3. is goood. I haven't personally had anything done by them but I have ordered crystals from them to do it myself.
  4. I had NYC Peach crystalize my Sidekick a few years ago.. they did a GORGEOUS job. Pricey, but beautful.

    The crystals stayed on really well, but I treated that phone like a baby. After about 2 years a few of them started to fall off, but you have to keep in mind that the glue doesn't hold forever. =) Plus, they send you a little bag of spares and you just attach them with clear nail polish as needed.

    I've since retired the SK2, just because I was sad the crystals were falling off, even though it was only a few (3 or 4 at the most), and I didn't want to "hurt" my phone, lol.

    I have a few pics, if you're interested. They're not up close, just of me holding it, but you can see how nice it looks. The crystals sparkle like CRAZY IRL.

    I was really happy with the results, and I'd recommend it. Just be sure they have the color you want before sending it out. I picked light rose, and at the time I sent it out, they said there were none in the country and they had my phone for a couple of weeks, waiting for them to come in. =/
  5. I did my phone myself!! I bought the Swarovski crystals in a few different sizes, got some tweezers and glue...put on a movie...and blinged my phone!! It took about 2 hours...but saved me lots of $$$, and it looked great! I got so many compliments on it...until it was stolen by one of its admirers!!!!
  6. I think it is cute, but it reminds me of Paris Hilton so I haven't done mine! LOL
  7. You cando it yourself! I did mine, and it turned out great. I'll take pics in a little while to show you. All you need are the flatback crystals that you can get from, and long tweezers (from a bead store) and E6000 glue. =)
  8. I totally wanna get my phone blinged!

    There used to be a store / kiosk in Tysons Corner Center that did that...she did SUCH amazing work..but I think she went out of business because when I went there last week she wasn't there anymore! :sad:

    But yeah, if you have the patience, do it yourself! :p
  9. Okay, here are some pics. I love to put crystals on Here's my phone and my laptop. =)
    Cell 001 467x350.jpg Cell 002 467x350.jpg Cell 003 467x350.jpg Cell 005 467x350.jpg Cell 007 467x350.jpg
  10. computer and some Dr. Scholl's I did too. lol
    shoes.jpg Cell 008 467x350.jpg
  11. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the look of bling phones!!!!

    I wanted to get mine done for a long time, but I for me I couldn't justify the price of having a company do it.

    So I thought about doing it myself, which I know I could do, but I just never got around to doing it.

    Plus we have the "new every 2" plan, where we get a new phone every 2 years and didn't want to put all the work into it if I was only going to have the phone for 2 years.

    Also I was afraid that my EVER CHANGING moods would get bored :p.

    So long story short I bought a cover for my Razor V3m that was ALREADY blinged out!!!! :yahoo: I didn't have to do anything except put the cover on and I can change it off when/if I get bored with it. I got my cover (afraid to admit it) at Icing/Claires.

    It was around $17 with tax. Sure I will admit that it is NOT AS NICE of a job as it would have been if I had done it or sent my phone away. But it does look VERY good for only twenty bucks and I love that it isn't set in stone (pun intended!!!! :p).

  12. You did a GREAT job!!! You phone looks great!!!!

    What size mm stones did you use??

    Someone posted the link to this website that blings out phones....I love this pink skull version!!!

    And I would love to get this design on my laptop!!!!
  13. i also did my own phone you should try it it was pretty easy...i'm about to start on a new one soon though :tup:

  14. Holy cow, $2000 for the laptop bling???? =O

    How cute is your phone! I didn't do a design on mine, but I did a cherry on my daughter's phone, which she practically destroyed. lol
  15. How cute!!! I'd much rather do it myself though.. seems a little pricey on those websites!