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  1. Hi everyone,
    (I think this is the correct place to post now)--I was doing a google search on some Tory Burch ballet flats and ran into another invite-type shopping website (like ideeli & Ruelala). Has anyone heard of it or shopped from there? If you have what was your experience like? It states that they're authentic and have free shipping--the downside is that the shoes don't have boxes (no big deal).
  2. I checked out the site and although I haven't purchased from them, I would not.

    They sell brands that are never sold on third party sites. I'd bet $20 all of their merchandise is counterfeit.
  3. This company is based out of Hong Kong, offers no contact info other then an email addy. I personally would not buy.
  4. I just purchased some past season Tory Burch Revas from them -- thought there might be a chance they were real since they were already marked down elsewhere, though sold out. Just received them today and they are obvious fakes: no logo soles, no "made in Brazil". I have submitted a fraud claim to paypal. Do NOT patronize that website!
  5. PP does not offer buyer protection for NON-Ebay transactions, only Buyer Complaint for INR. SO IF PP tells you that they are unable to recover your funds, you can file a charge back on your CC, if you paid w/ a CC.