bling wishlists for the holidays (calling santa!)

  1. the holidays is almost here, what's in your Gem/Jewelry wishlist? a blue box? a cartier box? hoping santa would read this thread.......:P

    here's mine :

    1) black J12 chanel watch with rubies
    2) emerald diamond ring with 2 side diamond bullets
    3) an artdeco south sea pearl and diamond bracelet with black onyx

    what's your's?
  2. I want a pair of ridiculously large diamond chandelier earrings, and if not those, I'll take semi-precious or precious stone versions too. :biggrin:

    I'd love a Cartier tank, Hermes H-our, Hermes Cape Cod or Chanel J12 watch too.
  3. I also want the Gucci large horsebit gold chain necklace, I believe it's called "Marina chain necklace" but it's the larger version than the one on the website. I think it's too expensive ($11,000+) for a gold chain though....
  4. In my fantasies- Cartier tank watch. In reality (because I would never expect another person to buy me something that expensive- that's the kind of stuff I save up for and buy myself), I'm thinking of hinting around for a Swiss Army one. I have a few everyday watches already, but am kind of craving something a bit bigger and chunkier than the ones I currently own. The Officer's styles are calling my name. :yes:
  5. I want another watch.. I have a Rolex I love & wear daily but I'm dying to have one with a diamond bezel. Don't think I've been good enough this year though:P
  6. I love that Gucci horsebit chain! Its pricey though for gold. I thought a Gucci ring was on my list but I tried it on and it wasn't really my thing.

    I want a Tiffany dragonly necklace with pave diamonds - the vintage styled one. A Van Clef & Arpels alhambra gold or gold w/mother of a pearl necklace. Diamond studs. A Cartier love bracelet in white gold and matching earrings, the screw type.

    I'd be happy with any of the above!
  7. I want a diamond tennis bracelet. And a cocktail ring with a pink stone.
  8. I'd love the J12 also, but that's never gonna happen. lol A girl can dream.
  9. i already got my sparkley christmas present for this year (emerald cut pink sapphire ring in a halo setting) but my perpetual gift list includes:

    1.5 carat diamond studs with screw backs
    a larger diamond pendant than the one i have
    an anniversary band that matches my wedding band for the other side of my set

    and i wouldn't refuse any blue box containing sparkley things. see, contrary to popular belief, i'm not picky. :smile:
  10. Mine would be just one:

    - Cartier LOVE bracelet in pink gold

  11. I was asked by my Paris vendeuse lady if I wanted the sapphire J12 or not: no way, way out of my price league - it’s like $100,000 or something. Pazt, tell your Santa to hurry up there is only 12 rubies J12 in the world!

    I have two lists but one will never ever come true since the sole component of that list is Cartier Caresse d’Orchidées High Jewellery and the Baignoire Crash.

    Slightly more realistic wishlist:
    - Patek Philippe Calatrava 5196P (sample pic here). Don’t know why but Pateks are something that is really mind boggling, I just can’t get enough of it; the first time I bought one – 4936G – last month, I wanted a Patek just because I feel I should have a Patek and in comparison to Cartier or even Rolex the design is SO VERY plain but having it on your wrist is really addictive (even on the underground train everyone wants a peek at it :P) so I also bought 4910/10A, a Twenty~4 in steel with a white face when I was on holiday. Now I wear it every single day and looking to get rid my Tank! Actually Calatrava is a men’s watch so I’ll have to get rid of my Panerai as well if I ever get one.

    - A tiny Cartier interlocking-Cs charm with miniscule diamonds on them (probably costs like $500 or something) to hang off the screw-down crown cover on my 42mm Pasha watch: I’m following a fad :P that seems to be a new [small] craze here with the Pasha but it would probably look better if you do it with the 32mm version instead.

    But probably not getting any of them :sad: but I do know what my mum+dad+fiancé are giving me though. After a bit of nagging ;); they are jointly 'hoping' to get me for Christmas+New Year+birthday a Van Cleefs and Arpels Lady Arpels Centenaire watch with a rotating seasonal disc but there will be only 100 of these in the world and probably everyone is jumping at it because the price is too good to be true!
  12. bee-bee, i'm only wishing from santa the J12 black chanel without the full-blown ruby pave. the one am eyeing is only around $ 4500 retail. but i would love the glorious all out ruby-faced J12! :graucho:
  13. I'd like a pretty watch, but I'm not sure where I'd want it from!
  14. since the holidays is just around the corner, let's bump up this thread :

    i have to do an addendum to my wishlist - instead of the black J12, i'm changing to a white J12 with diamonds.
  15. Tacori diamond wedding band, and since I am Santa's best elf, I've already taken care of business and it's sitting in my drawer just waiting for the day. :yahoo: I guess I'll let Santa wrap it himself this time, though.