*BLING* The Miroir Lockit Clan.

  1. Hey!
    I know alot of people want the miroir lockit and someone said about a miroir lockit meet ?! so i thought we could have our own club !
    So please share your pics so people can drool!!
    Heres my gorgous Silver Miroir Lockit!:nuts:
  2. Gorgeous!

    I hope to see more members in here real soon!
  3. Oh that cles looks fab against the glossy silver!
  4. Ohmigod! You got yours! How does it smell?
  5. Paid for mine today by Monday I should have it yipppeeee!!!!!
  6. ^^ Looking forward to seeing some more pics in here soon :nuts:
  7. Aaaahhhh! SO GORGEOUS! I'm getting my silver (and gold hopefully *crossing my fingers*) on Sunday! Can't wait!
  8. ^ Ooh can't wait to see pics & to welcome you to the club !:supacool:
  9. I received THE CALL from LV for my gold Miroir lockit this morning and will be receiving the lockit on Tuesday. For a matching accessory, I decided to order a pair of the Noumea lace up sneakers; white calf skin with a gold metallic leather flower monogram and embroidered LV signature on the side.
  10. ^ OO sounds good! Congrats! Looking forward to seeing everyones pics :nuts:
  11. why isn't it Monday yet???? I have never wanted Monday to come around so quickly!!
  12. LOL! I know i'm desperate to see more pics damn it!
  13. I will be blinging in exactly 13 1/2 hours.
  14. Gayle you are too cute! LOL! Cannot wait to see pics!
  15. Lucky girls, I have to wait until Tuesday for my lockit. At least it's shipping via Fed. Express overnight delivery. If I'd opted for ground shipping, I'd be waiting until the end of the week or next weekend for the bag. Congratulations to everyone on their Miroir lockits! Here's hoping that anyone who is still looking for this bag is able to obtain one directly from LV.