Bling Push Gift, can it by from myself?

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  1. I am 36 weeks pregnant with my 3rd baby and it's a girl finally. I am excited that I will have my girl inherit all of my jewelry. I did get any gifts from my other twos. My dh always think I normally get whatever and whenever...

    My preg hormone is up and down. One day i feel okay the next day i could sob for 2 hours long. This pregnancy is not easy for me and I stopped doing my favorite hobby (golfing) for the last 3 weeks while my dh play 3-4 times a week. Yes, resentment issue!

    I decided to treat myself with .90ctw earring jackets from IDJ two days ago as my own push present. Then yesterday I did an impulse purchased of 1.0ctw studs.

    I understand that a push present should come from a father of my child as appreciation/celebration of a birth of child. Does it has to come from the dh? Well, he is a little clueless about the trend of the push gift. Can it be from self?
  2. I don't see why not! I really don't believe in "rules" when it comes to fun goodies like this. I say you wear the earrings and enjoy their sparkle, you deserve it!!
  3. You should speak up for yourself and let yours husband know youre having a hard time and would like to be coddled and treated to a sparkly something!
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  4. An old Southern saying: If Mama ain't happy, ain't anybody happy. You go girl; you deserve it. Wear them in good health and then, pass them down to your baby girl.
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  5. Up North we say....Happy Wife, Happy Life..........................:biggrin:
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  6. I'm sorry to hear you haven't been feeling yourself and this pregnancy is not as easy as you would like.

    I would speak to your husband first and if he sounds non committal to a push gift - go grab one for you. No one understands having a baby is like except for someone who has done it before. Unfortunately we can't give that to our DHs hahaha! So he may not understand what's going on or how hard it is. After all I think it's 100% OK to appreciate yourself for your own personal triumphs! You are free to celebrate you.

    Good luck in which ever you decide to do. Take care xx
  7. Sweetie wear them in best of health and i pray you a safe delivery of your child. I treat myself with things that make me happy when ever i think i can i never stick with rules. They are not rules to me. If i want to stamp a certain occasion or date that isnt special in they eyes of majarority of calenders then let it be. I love winter. I can actually celebrate it! And no one cares :smile:
    If you dont mind lets see your beautiful earings. I am looking for a pair myself. And would love to be inspired :smile:
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  8. My DH is totally oblivious when it comes to those kind of things. He would be happier if I told him I got it from him to give to me as a push present. Good luck!
  9. My first husband was completely clueless so I say go buy what ever you want!! I did. After I had my son (over 36 hrs labor), I contacted my jeweler & bought a heart shaped pendant of channel set Burmese Rubies surrounded by diamonds set in 18K gold. I had it charged to his credit card. When he asked about the charge, I told him that was what he gave to me for giving birth to a son. He never brought it up again & I never had second thoughts about spending the money!!

    I would love to see your earrings! Please post pics!
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  10. Over...36...hours...:wtf:

    Having said that, I LOVE how you went about it. There really was nothing he could say to that.
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  11. [​IMG] Yes, my first husband was clueless & cheap. He could never remember a birthday or anniversary, not mine or anyone elses. So, instead of getting pissed off about it, I would go & pick myself out something nice & expensive, charge it to his card, have it wrapped up nice & pretty, take it home, unwrap it at dinner, & tell him thank you for the wonderful gift. I would do the same thing for gifts for our son & the husband's family. He would barely remember Christmas but he would ask me to do his shopping for him. I would & while I was at it, I would pick up something extra nice for me for all my work. [​IMG] I guess he figured it was easier on him for me to go buy what I wanted than for me to be mad at him for not getting me something!

    And yes, I was in labor for over 36 hrs. My son weighed over 10 lbs & was 23 inches long. Drs said if he had weighed a half an ounce more, I would have had to had a C section. I had my heart set on a natural birth. I must have been crazy!!! :wtf: But I delivered a healthy boy who wound up being 6' 4" tall.
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  12. Congratulations, dear! How wonderful you're having a little girl :love:
    I say throw tradition out the window and buy yourself the jackets/studs. Everyone needs a pick-me-up and what better excuse?
    I expect to see some modeling shots! :hugs:
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  13. Congratulations!

    And absolutely no worries in you buying it yourself. Personally I would just tell DH so he doesn't stress about buying you a gift too!
  14. Wow, you GO girl!! :coolio::lol:
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  15. As a former 10lb baby that grew up hearing the birthing horror stories, I tip my hat off to you. And I put it back on and tip it off again at your gifting skills. I am definitely stealing this! Now I just need a husband...