Bling on the Chanel GoodieS!

  1. Yippee! More goodies! I think I'm outta control! :rolleyes:

    *singing* It's the most wonderful time of the year..
  2. Okay, no teasing.....what did you get? Is it for you or someone else????
  3. So curious!
  4. Sorry 4 the delay! I went out for more shopping!

    Anyway, here's my new pair of heels with the classic CC pearls!
    DSC07889.JPG DSC07890.JPG DSC07893.JPG DSC07895.JPG
  5. WOW!!! MODELING PICS of you in the heels please!!!! Those are awesome!
    LUV the pearls too of course :smile:
  6. orig,posted by londondolly
    OMG these shoes are STUNNING!:nuts:Congrats on your necklace too!:yes:

  7. Do you have the style number on those pearls? They are gorg!
  8. I'm in love!!! Gorgeous!
  9. Oooo, I saw a picture of Princess Charlotte of Monaco wearing those exact heels in the latest Hello magazine. They are GORGEOUS!
  10. Wow, I love the necklace, may I ask about how much it cost?
  11. Those shoes are too cute and the necklace is stunning! Congrats!
  12. Those are beautiful!
    congrats and enjoy!
  13. I purchased it in Chanel London for £380. Pricey but a definte classic that can be passed on to my little gal!

  14. so cute!! i want that necklace!!
  15. Slick!!! Congrats!!