Bling it on !! My Graduation Present!!

  1. After getting over (not really ;)) my drive for designer handbags i decided to buy a watch - since my graduation was in the way - i thought itd be a nice present from my dad -
    on our way back from the uk, in dubai i looked at several watches starting from Chopard (my favourite in watches!!) to chanel to dior etc etc

    we ended up in this jewellery/watches shop where they only stock diamonds - i started off with a Chopard happy sport watch with 7 seven floating diamonds then i saw my dream wacth! after an hour of fighting on the price (bargaining for diamonds is normal in dubai - dont forget it!!) my dad was not satisfied - there fore we left the shop, went around but only two others shops stocled Chopard but they didnt have the watch i liked!! :sad:

    However then we went again to the same shop fought with him for a while but still no result :cursing:

    so we left dubai - i didnt show much greif from the outside but inside my heart was broken so at the dubai airport i was straight onto the Chopard counter however they (as expected) didnt have that watch as well -

    after an hour of roaming around at the airport when we sat down for food my Dad turned around and handed me a black bag - and said "this is for you"

    and i was like may hes giving me the tickets and passports to take care of - but he had BIG smile on his face :smile:

    so i decied to look inside there i found another black thingy - i opened it and it was chopard box - beautiful dark blue leather and gold embossed Chopard written on it! the veyr moment i knew he had got the watch for me - :smile:

    i was gobsmacked and thanked him again and again!!

    you know what they say,
    ...but my heart belongs to daddy!

    The watch is a happy sport version it has diamonds isside outside and on the strap -

    take a look girls!! at my graduation present!

    please tell me how you like it!! :graucho:
  2. Congratulations! what a wonderful graduation present!
    The watch is a beauty!!:love: I could not stop staring at your photos..
  3. You lucky girl, what a wonderful present! Congratulations to you on your graduation!:balloon:
  4. Congrats on your graduation and your stunning watch!
  5. Wow, pretty! I have that watch too but just with the stainless steel face and band. Congrats!
  6. Wow
    What a wonderful watch and wonderful dad
    Congrats on your graduation
  7. Holy......that is the nicest watch ever!!!!!!!!!!

    You are lucky!!!!!!!!!! Can your dad adopt me?

    Congrats on the watch and on your graduation!!!!

    Thanks for about some modeling pics??.....:drool:
  8. congrats!
  9. Wow!!

    That's beautiful!!!
  10. So many diamonds! It's gorgeous, congrats!
  11. Beautiful, congrats!!
  12. Gorgeous, congrats
  13. Totally amazing! That is a beautiful watch and what a great dad you have! If I had that watch I would never take it off! Congrats!!!!!!
  14. congratulations on your graduation and your beautiful new watch! what a sweet daddy :smile:
  15. You watch rocks! Congrats on your graduation :tup: