Bling! I think I found a new hobby

  1. So I had some time off work and decided to use to bling my phone

    sorry pics a bit fuzzy


    It's really quite relaxing I think I might do a few more things I think my wii remote might be up next in PINK!
  2. Looks cute! Did you use a kit for this? I always see blink kits and stick-ons, but I am afraid to try them, because I worry the crystals will fall off and I'll be left with a gooey iPod, phone, or whatever.
  3. Cute! I love it, it looks so sparkley!

  4. no I bought the swarovski packs of crystals off the net and glue from a craft store it's like a general all purpose glue everything craft glue so far they seem to be fine nothing come off but should it happen ( I drop my phone often) I have spare crystals
  5. Very cute-please tell us how it keeps up!
  6. Very cute!
    I did my old phone too-used crystals I got off eBay. It held up realllly well, alot better then I even expected. I need to find the time to do my new phone.
  7. Pretty! I did my ipod in crystals and craft glue over a year ago.. about 3 crystals have fallen off so i definately holds up well!! Post pictures of your remote when you do that too. :smile:
  8. Very cute! I have a crystals I bought off eBay, but haven't done it yet...

    You did an amazing job!
  9. that looks so cool. waiting for a new phone though so itd be a wadte on mine. i might try it with my new ipod though.
  10. Very Cute! I wanted to do that to my moto Q:biggrin:
  11. Oh! That came out so nice!
  12. oo how cute!
  13. Thats HOT!! I had my phone crystallized too.. All black and plain crystals.. All the kids in my HS were envious..LOL My bro is amazingly good at placing the crystals on any thing... I don't use the phone anymore, but I can get a pic to show u how it looks..
  14. That looks amazing!GREAT JOB!
  15. So cute!!