Bling Bling - What colours do they came in? Silver?

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  1. I am wondering if they came in silver? Do you think it is a bit too late for me to search for a pair in 36.5?

    I just found out about them recently.... :Push:
  2. I think they came in Silver, Gold, Bronze and Pewter. Then there was a black pair as well. Occasionally I see pairs on ebay but I don't think silver blings will be easy to find.
  3. They also came in Anthracite. I believe the silver was Specchio, btw. Not sure if it came in black leather, but it came in black velvet for sure.
  4. There is an anthracite pair and a couple of gold ones in your size on ebay right now, sold by a tPFer.
  5. May I know what is the reasonable price for these blings blings?? Saw a few on Ebay but hard to justify the price. Thanks
  6. they retail for about US$1250 or something right? and about Euro 900 something which translate to about $1300 i think.

    what's specchio?

    anthracite = pewter?

    i so what silver. i think i may have to settle for pewter...
  7. ^^It's the mirror-like metallic, instead of the matte leather. And yeah, I think that was the US retail. If you can get them shipped to the US, you can use the discount and get $250 off.
  8. is this seller 'rodeodrivefashionista'?

  9. oh wow. i have a friend in chicago, can you tell me what this is and how do i go about doing this?

  10. Yup, RDF is a tPFer. If you go to and search for something like "wii," the search results near the top will be for ebay and there will be an icon with a dollar sign that says, "Live Search cashback." If you click it, it will take you to ebay and as long as that icon is there (for an hour, I think), you will be able to get 25% cash back, up to $250, on BIN purchases. You'll have to pay full price and then get the $250 in 2 months, though, and set up a account. You should check out the full details beforehand.
  11. hm. i am directed to what looks like a singapore server/site. and i can't find that live search cash back link... maybe the offer only applies to the US?
  12. My bronze bling blings were $1375.

    I believe the black velvet bling blings were $1245 or somewhere around there and the anthracite/pewter were $1325 or so. I can't remember for sure. I bought the anthracite as well, and they were signed by Mr. Louboutin, but I had to send them back to Saks b/c they were damaged in shipment. These were available at different retailers last year, so that is why there was a bit of a price discrepancy among the silver, anthracite, and bronze pairs.

    And, maybe since you are in Singapore it is defaulting you to the there. Maybe you can have your friend in Chicago do it for you?
  13. I think you have to have your friend in Chicago actually purchase them for you b/c the cash back offer only applies to US buyers.
  14. yeah i have a feeling teh thing might only work from a US-based IP address. it's never worked for me ever
  15. ah too late. i have already asked her for a favour once, to redirect an antique doctor's bag from a seller who did not ship internationally from the US. i feel a bit bad asking her for help again. also, i am a bit uncomfortable about her to knowing how much i am willing to spend on these shoes...

    thanks gals anyway!