Bling-bling napkin rings from Joanne Wood

  1. To celebrate an engagement, or simply flaunt your taste for excess, these blingy napkin rings from Joanne Wood are precisely the thing to wake up the table. Provided in an appropriately oversized black velvet box. Joanne Wood helpfully notes that it can "also be used as a paperweight"; we recommend the paper be made of money.

    Joanna Wood - Product Details

  2. Bling indeed!
  3. I quite like them.
  4. Very pretty and girly!
  5. I'm sorry i like the real thing. I'd rather a smaller stone but the real deal.
  6. ... They're napkin rings. They aren't supposed to be jewellery :weird:
  7. Ha ha ha.:roflmfao:
  8. There beautiful, I like them very creative.
  9. Aww.. so cute !
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