bling bling baby... a dark silver something is here!!!

  1. wooohoo! the exams have just ended and that's cause for celebration... but the real icing on the cake-- my new dark silver 225 reissue that i just bought arrived today :yahoo: (from a lovely, lovely PFer too :love: )

    took her out with me for dinner tonight so here she is sitting on the table (hence the glass of water behind)

    here's me with the reissue (sorry for the horrible picture, the lighting in my room is hopeless), i'm usually a big bag kinda person so i'm still getting used to the size of this beautiful little thing... works well as an evening bag but not so sure if it looks ok on me as a daytime bag (does anyone think it looks too small on me?)

    i LOVE the colour though, so stunning IRL! i finally understand why everyone seems to love the dark silver reissue so much, i was already liked it heaps from seeing all the pics, but seeing it IRL has increased my liking for it at least tenfold! :yes:

    thanks for letting me share my excitement, everyone! :yes:
  2. Congrats! Its stunning. It looks great on you too. I dont think its too small at all, although I know its hard to get used to a smaller bag when you use big bags all the time.
  3. Wow, nightshade. You look GORGEOUS!!!!!!!! I love it so much!!!! Congrats!:heart::drool::heart:
  4. Congrats! :yahoo:Your reissue in gorgeous. I'm waitlisted for the dark silver jumbo for fall. :graucho: I love your dress too. So chic!
  5. Hi, your bag is beautiful. Can you tell me how to go about becoming eligible to buy from other PF'ers???
  6. the color is stunning!!! i think it looks great on you and doesn't look too small at all
  7. Beautiful bag Nightshade, Congrats, It looks perfect on you.
  8. heh i actually bought it on eBay but it was a fellow PFer's auction. check out the rules for joining the MarketPlaza if u want to buy/sell on tPF someday :smile:
  9. I love it!!!!

    My first flap was a Jumbo...and I love it. But my next flap was a smaller flap (the medium/large)....and you know what? I think I like the smaller bag's a bit easier to carry. I think that bag looks great on you, the size fits you very nicely!!!!
  10. Thanks Luccibag! definitely, when i first carried the bag today it felt so "strange"... and LIGHT! :lol: but goodness knows i still love it!
  11. :nuts::heart::drool: This is absolutely gorgeous!!! I love it~ CONGRATS!!!
  12. congrats sweetie! ;)
  13. OMFG, that is ridiculously GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!! :love: :love:

    Congrats!!!!!!!!! :yahoo: :yahoo:
  14. So .....q..
    I Love It!
  15. heh all thanks to you hun :love: :flowers: