Bling Artists, Please Help Me! (a piteous plea)

  1. I have a tiny cylindrical cloisonne bead that I want to dangle vertically from a chain.

    My "basic wire skills" are just not up to making a loop that is close and tight enough to work with this tiny bead. It is something like 3 x 10 mm. So when I say tiny I meanTee-niny.

    Is there any other way that I can get it to dangle from the chain without trying to make that tiny loop in a head pin?

    Thank you for any aid or advice you can give me, and no, I have NO business even trying to do this, and YES, absolutely EVERYTHING is wrong with this picture!

    Oh, and there is not time for my to endlessly practice my basic wire skills until I go from low to no vision trying to make that loop. This has to be done by December's Blessed Shopping Season.
  2. Hmmm...could you post a photo? I am bad at picturing this in my head. I don't know how you were taught to make loops, but the way I do it, it shouldn't matter how large or small the bead is. The process is the same. I should write a tutorial! LOL
  3. I don't have the technical capability to post a photo, but just think of a chain with a pendant.

    Now imagine that the pendant is supposed to be this tiny tiny cylinder, dangling from the chain.

    And the problem is that I wasn't taught to make loops, I have no idea how to make them, I have just been pretending to have been taught to make them, and it works with larger things, since the relative size of the loop, and the amount of headpin that protrudes from the bead, is not as noticeable.

    But with a very tiny bead, if the loop is made too far away, it doesn't look right, and with a bead diameter of 3mm, a big loop looks stupid, and you should totally write a tutorial. Today would work for me.