1. I have seen two versions now for the blindstamp (for the year): one is the year on the "short" end and the craftman's mark on the "long" end and the other one is vice versa. Is it just a matter of which strap is being photographed (left or right - which would mean that the blindstamp for the year on each strap is in a different location, once on the short, once on the long side) or does it have a different meaning entirely (one is real, the other one fake)?

    Can you enlighten me?
  2. I have bags that are stamped both ways that you describe above, and then I have a bag where all the marking are on the short end of the strap. I am under the impression that it is under the discretion of the craftsman.
  3. Thanks hermesgroupie, then there is no system (which would be apparent to a non-Hermes employee)!!
  4. Not that I've noticed. Anyone else?
  5. I don't think there's a system. I've seen stamping where everything is side by side, and then I've seen stampings where the year stamp is located right above the craftsman stamp. Maybe each craftsman has his/her own signature way of stamping, depending on the year and where they're located that year:yes:
  6. Interesting. I think this is the ultimate way to determine legit from fake because THAT information will never be public and you have to be an Hermes insider to decipher it.
  7. Does anyone know if customers can request for their bag to be made by a specific craftsman? I am not sure if this happens anymore (or if it ever happened at all) but I think I have heard this. anyone?

  8. Wouldn't that be something! China and pottery manufacturers used to do this. Even big, mass market lines. I think it would be fun to recognize the craftsperson.
  9. my bags have varied yar to year. i donot feel it is an issue perse as the fact that they cahnge make them even more unique . hope it helps . birkel.