Blindstamp for Vintage Kelly

  1. Where is the blindstamp on a vintage (~pre 1970) Kelly? Is it the same spot as new Kellys?
  2. ^^^Yes, behind the end of the strap. Could be on both.
  3. It seems like there is an "o" where the current blindstamps are, and a B, in nothing, by itself, on the left arm (if you're looking at the bag).

    Is that normal? Which is the blindstamp? What year is that? (Sorry, lots of questions -- just saw a killer vintage Kelly at a store!)
  4. Before 1950 they would sometimes stamp both straps. It can still happen today, but it would be an oversight by the craftsman. Sounds like your bag is from 1946, B with nothing. Make sure the leather is in good condition. Not much can be done when it's that old.
  5. Thanks Thanks Thanks!

    I'm running back to the store now to check it out!!
  6. OOOOOO a real oldy!!!!! Sounds fantastic......make sure it's not dry or cracked anywhere and you'll have a gorgeous Kelly!!!!!!