Blindstamp Evelyne

  1. Hi I bought an Evelyne on eBay and received today, I can't find the blindstamp anywhere, where is it? I think I have the PM size (there is second pocket) thanks
  2. There are a few places. Try looking under the snap closure or along the interior on the tabs where the straps attach. The location has moved around over the years.
  3. Hi, it has suede lining, I took the bag inside out and couldn't find it it is not on the snap closure or the two pieces of leater on the sides... I'm starting to get worried....
  4. here's a pic from eBay of where it should be if it's under the closure strap:

  5. and here's where it should be if it's an older model (also eBay):

  6. Oh there, pfff, i was looking at the other end of the snap.... thanks so much, the bag is beautiful and was sure it had to be the real thing, THx again
  7. mine actually says R I would it be the same maker?
  8. phew! enjoy her (and post pics!)
  9. I will:smile: First I have to bring my car to the repair, my rear window broke, I was backing up and a huge pole was sticking out a vehicle, but from my angle you couldnt see it, and there it went... grr I'll post tonight or tomorrow:smile:

    Thx again
  10. that is a question for HG -- i know nothing about blindstamps. sorry to hear about your car! at least you can carry your new bag to the shop with you...
  11. Occasionally, an authentic Hermes piece has been found to have NO blindstamp.

    Goodness, I'm sorry, tho, about your car.....and very thankfull you were not in harm's way of that pole!
  12. Very true. I have such a bag, purchased from the boutique.
  13. No blindstamp? does that have a reason ?

    I have a nice rental car now... I'm happy too that noone was hurt, luckily my kids were out the car. It was the strangest thing, you just don't expect a metal pole sticking out 4 feet......

    I used my Evelyne tonight and I love it:smile: tomorow I will make some pictures...

    thanks again for posting those pictures that was very helpful :smile:
  14. But is it always the maker first and then the year it was made? Or do they change that as well? How come others have numbers on top?