blindstamp/atelierstamp/craftsman stamp/date stamp

  1. hello, I still haven't completely figured out where to find information and/or where to post messages here, so sorry, if this is a kind of a repeat.
    I have been collecting Hermes bags over many years, and I know that some do not have a blindstamp. Amongst my many Hermes bags there are 4 or 5 that do not have a blindstamp but are 100% authentic and at least 2 of those were bought AT Hermes!
    But there are still people around that keep claiming that EVERY SINGLE Hermes bag has a blindstamp.
    When I wanted to sell one of my authentic Hermes bags recently, one without that stamp, a potential buyer backed out because of this, claiming that then it cannot be authentic.
    I would kindly ask for some opinions and possible advices on this issure here.

  2. this is a very interesting information on authenticate the bag!! wish anyone have more detail on this, looking forward to hear more!!!;)