BLINDsided by Graffiti Zippy!


Sep 3, 2008
Yes, I got my first piece of LV monogram Graffiti item:smile:

In bright neon orange! Hurray! I was not expecting to buy SLG...but I was indeed 'Blind-sided' by the neon coloured lining!

And although green is more limited than Orange and Fuchsia, I still prefer the orange as it is the most timeless and less loud colour of the 3. You will not get weary of it so easily. I can also match it with the upcoming Neverfull which I am buying in orange:smile: and orange is perfect for planning to match with future Hermès items:-P It's a more long term planning decision than what strikes me now. I do love the fuchsia the most as it is bright and cheery and not so girly pink. But in view of how I want a matching set of graffiti:-P:P I am therefore contented now:smile:



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