Blinding Sun Is Worth It With Gucci

  1. So last week I decided to splurge on some new sunglasses. I tried some stores, like Chloè and Fendi, but they weren't exactly what I was looking for. And Chanel was filled with seven girls whom are my mortal enemies (don't ask), and I did not want to have a run in with them.

    So I went to Gucci, and I was in HEAVEN. The sunglasses were so CUTE! I was extremely happy on the way home in my new Guccis when the sun was blinding.

    Here is the savior:


    Sorry it had to be a URL. Couldn't find a pic of them.

    They're absolutely fabulous. I suggest Gucci to EVERYONE.
  2. Those are hot Gucci Aviators! Congrats!
  3. oh congrats! i like. and yes i have two pairs of gucci sunnies. i highly suggest to all! yummy.....
  4. Congrats!!!
  5. those are pretty! where are the pics of them on you?
  6. lovely!

    post modelling pics. i'm sure it looks great on you! :smile:
  7. I'll try and get some modeling pics for you guys. :smile: I'm bringing them with me while hitting Fifth Ave. for my BFFs fifteenth birthday party.

    I showed them to my boyfriend, and he liked them, too. Always gotta have a boyfriend who likes your designer stuff, lol.