Blind stamp


May 3, 2010
Hi Guys!

I just want to ask, what do you call the stamp that refers to the year the bag was made? is it a blind stamp? What about the stamp of the craftsman, is it also a blind stamp?

Do the two stamps need to be together all the time? or the stamp of the year is enough?

I am already looking to get a herbag and I hope you can help me, any advice is greatly appreciated! Thank so much!:smile:


Jan 17, 2009
I usually call it the reference stamp but because it has no color and is hidden many here call it the blind stamp it changes over the years and will continue to do so my vintage 1960s kely does not have one and the crafts man can and will in many cases vary the position of the stamps usually within the same strap on every bag . Sometimes they are a bit further apart from each other sometimes not, but I believe they are usually together with the year stap enclosed or boxed and the artisans I D separate ,these last ones also vary in length and letter number combo.hope it helps. birkel.