Blind Stamp on Murakami Speedy....

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  1. Sorry for stupid question... but where is it usually located?:confused1:
  2. referring to date code
  3. Look along the side seam inside the interior pocket
  4. For questions like these, it's always helpful to do a search first, but for a MC Speedy it is found on the inner pocket, inside, close to the right hand (facing the bag) seam.
  5. Found it, it says...SP006 I think.... what does it mean?
  6. Here it is....

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  7. Looks like SP0064
    Made in France, June 2004
  8. Thanks

    I also cannot see any number on the leaf, does it happen often or ever?
  9. ^^^ It can be exceptionally difficult to see
  10. Thanks so it is no just me then...
  11. Nope, not just you :nogood: