Blind Date Vs Bad Date ??

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  1. Ive Never had a blind date, but I have had my fare share of bad dates.

    The guy seemed nice, well spoken, well traveled, smelled good, nicely dressed Tall, Handsome and seemed to be very happy with his career.

    Well we met for dinner, and things seemed to be going ok , but I noticed he was extremly nervous like shaking nervous, we were waiting for our waitress, and our water, when he reached over to move the candles (not sure why ) the candles fell over, the paper and cloth tablecloth quickly set on fire .

    I start screaming and for some reason he thinks its a good idea to dowse the flames with his jacket which then caught on fire.

    A waiter then came running over to us with a fire extinguisher soaked us both and the people sitting close by.
    After a few embaressing word exchanges with the Manager and my date and the other soaked customers,

    I quickly left the resturant, hailed cab and went home. I presumed he did the same . I never saw him again after that.:shame:

    How about you ? Any Bad dates or Blind date stories ?
  2. Wow, that's some story, Pradasmeadow!!!! Talk about a date going up in smoke ... literally ... lol
  3. I think it was funny in a certain way,although strange because he disapeared,you should've made fun and get over the experience .Maybe he was nervous because you're looking better that he was expecting ,ever thought of that? I wish I had a date (blind or not),but in 10 months since I came to the US I haven't gotten the chance ...well, I'm not that good looking either .

  4. Now, that gives new meaning to the term "hot date".
  5. good one.
  6. No, we both left at he same time just seperate cabs ! My friends and I had a good laugh about it once I got over the shock. and Im pretty sure he did to !!.

    who told you that you are not good looking ? Try not to be so hard on yourself !
    Plus take your time, it takes time to meet the right person,& most of the time it happens when you least expect it.
  7. Pradasmeadow, nothing as exciting as yours but this was one of my bad blind date stories. When my husband and I first started dating, we were both getting over our past relationships. He was very skittish and I was a little "whatever". Then he really ticked me off by flirting with one of my friends, so I decided to "date" other people.

    Anyways, this was a blind date set up by one of my friends. The guy took me to this great restaurant, ordered an expensive bottle of wine and didn't drink any of it. Well, it was a very nice bottle of wine and I certainly wasn't going to let it go to waste! I also have to add that I was a bit tired too because this was my second date of the day. Since my hubby (then semi-boyfriend) was being a little S**T, I decided "Screw him, I'll book myself up for the weekend!"....

    So after all that wine and wonderful food, my date wanted to go see a movie. So I was like "Sure, why not?". Anyways, the previews were showing and I was a little tired so I told myself that I would just close my eyes for a quick second. Well, after my quick catnap, I thought we were at the very beginning of the movie with the starring roles. Nope, it wasn't. It was actually the credits. I had managed to sleep throughout the remaining previews and the entire movie.

    I was so embarrassed and felt horrible, but the guy was really nice and understanding about it. He even asked me out again after that. I don't remember his name, but I always thought he was quite the gentleman. Anyways, soon after that, my hubby decided he didn't want me dating anyone else and we became exclusive and the guys at work found out about this date, so whenever I went out again, they would always ask me if I stayed awake this time.
  8. There's no such thing as an ugly woman, just lazy ones. So start dressing up and shake that thang. ;)
  9. Dating was the fun part, the relationships were what sucked :lol:
  10. I love It !!! :lol:
  11. :smile: thanks guys, I'll try to dress up and shake, and be more confident, glad I've found you though...I was a good girl, education ruined me:biggrin: kidding