bleuet? what color is that? cornflower? huh?

  1. so has a city listen in 'bleuet (dark avio blue)' what color is that? i don't think i've heard anyone here refer to a b-bag in that color, and after seeing a city for the first time (i know, i'm behind) IRL today at Jeffrey Atlanta, i must have a city. i thought that they were going to be a lot bigger than they are. sadly, the city was in pony hair, or i probably would have snatched it up no matter what color it was. since aloha rag doesn't provide pics, can someone guide me in the direction of what this color might be? i'd appreciate it.
  2. bleuet is cornflower;)
  3. ^^ Yup, bleuet is one of cornflower's many alternative names. :rollseyes:
  4. for a petite girl, is medium too big? or shall i stick with a First?
  5. i think the medium would be fine, it's a lot smaller in person than i expected it to be in photos. the first is quite small, not ideal for an everyday bag IMO.

    and thanks for the answer you guys! i completely forgot about ateliernaff, i haven't been looking for a balenciaga in a while.
  6. I'm 5'2 and I love the city - it's perfect!!!;)
  7. well that would make sense I guess since I've been describing my cornflower as a "blueberry" color to friends who haven't seen it yet.
    Bilingualism made worthwhile, thanks Balenciaga!
  8. Amanda Aloha Rag has a catalog that they can email you in pdf format. Just send them an email requesting the catalog of their balenciaga bags, and they will send it to you. I have the catalog from last month that I can email you if you want- it has pictures of the cornflower. Just PM me with your email address and I will send it to you.

    Also, I am 5'1" and I love my City/Medium. IT's definitely not too big, and is so light- you will love this size for an everyday bag! The First is rather small for everyday, but is perfect for night or when you are only going to be carrying a few items.
  9. I don't think cornflower translates to very many other languages.... bleuet, however, does. Just think yummy blue, and you're all set. ;o)
  10. Words cannot describe how beautiful this blue really is!
  11. I have a cornflower.......mmmmm pretty...I highly recommend!
  12. cornflower is sooo beautiful!
  13. another cornflower owner here, it really is TDF.
    Amazing how many different colours you can pair it with!!
  14. It's cornflower. I got the new Aloha Rag PDF yesterday. PM me if you want it Amanda.