Bleu Sapphir Croc

  1. Is this possible to get even in a special order?

    It's the most beautiful blue I've ever seen. I don't care if it's a charm, a wallet, a Kelly, a Jige, a Birkin, etc. I will buy it if it's Bleu Sapphir.

    Please educate me more on this color - Thanks!
  2. i's the most beautiful blue croc H makes!!! i would LOVE to have one in a kelly with GH!!!
  3. Here's a picture of Sapphire Blue Croc taken from the reference thread. It's so rich looking...

  4. it is rare but available via special order but you know it all boils down to your relatinship with the sa
  5. :wtf: :drool:Best blue I've ever seen !!!
    I think it def. worth the wait to make a SO:graucho:...
  6. WOW.

    I LOVE IT.

    Doesn't hurt that my birthstone is blue sapphire...heehee :smile:
  7. Gorgeous. What makes it so rare that its SO?
    Is it the dye they use?
  8. GOSH that is such a beautiful color!! Swooooon!

    It's hard even to find regular leather small accessories in Bleu Saphir, by the way--at least in the US.
  9. I saw a blue saphir croc 25cm birkin at a resellers when i was in Tokyo. It was breathtaking (both the color and the mark-up!). The blue is very intense and saturated...kinda like Blue Thalassa in box...
  10. Thanks ladies!

    archangel - did you check out how much was it?

    I found two pics in the reference threads... One is Bleu Roi and the other is Sapphir - these are two different colors and definitely not Thalassa?

    That Christies croc is so beautiful it's hard to believe it's made by man.

  11. [​IMG]
  12. I think i like bleu roi more than bleu S, but blue tones are my croc faves, and ii dont really like blues.

  13. That is a stunning Kelly!!!
    Sapphire is a wonderful color. :smile:
  14. In Paris, you might get lucky and find Bearn wallets and belts in this croc color. The last time I was at the H boutique in Faubourg St. Honore there are tons of belts in croc, I think I even saw blue sapphire.
  15. I think the above photo was mislabeled; that blue is Bleu Roi in Croc. Bleu Saphir is shown in that 35cm Kelly photo, deeper and more purple. Either way, both blues are stunning. I am very partial to Bleu Saphir and haven't seen anything in it for awhile.