Bleu Roi Vs. Bleuet...

  1. Does anyone have pictures of the Blueberry :graucho: and the Cornflower:shrugs: (in any shape)?

    I'm looking to purchase a work bag in either color but I'm not quite sure which color to purchase. HELP! :shame: :confused1:

    I've always wanted a Black work but I just want to have a bluish work bag also.

  2. I have blueberry (blue roi) first. HTH
    Blueberry is going to be so pretty in Work style. I really love the blueberry color, such a rich tone of blue.
    Blueberry 2.jpg
  3. Here are both the Blueberry and Cornflower
    blue3.JPG box.jpg
  4. My blueberry first looks identical to Yayas! I love the color because it is such a dark blue - not flashy, but interesting. In low light, it almost looks black.
  5. I have the blueberry courier - its so pretty and matches everything - im not kidding! I think cornflower would be harder to match to although the colour is TDF!!!
  6. I like Cornflower, but Blueberry is my FAVORITE Blue!!
  7. Z&J Your cornflower box is so pretty.:drool:
  8. i've got a cornflower blue twiggy and a blueberry work (which came back to me!) and I'd totally go for the blueberry in a work style for sure! sorry i don't have any pics! but good luck on what you decide to get!
  9. Thanks, It's no longer mine though..:crybaby:
  10. :heart: yum yum blueberry!
  11. Go for the blueberry...the A/W06 bags are better than the S/S06 ones. I would know because my cornflower work looks like crap and I am paying $200 to have it re-dyed. :crybaby:
  12. Oooh! Thanks for the replies. I will go ahead and buy the Blueberry Work. I saw the Marine today in the Work, I didn't like it much in the Brief style but now I'm slowly falling in love w/ that color.:love:

    But Blueberry Work for now.
    At least until next week
  13. Cornflower is so sweet!
  14. IMO Cornflower is the best in small size (first , twiggy etc...)
    but for a Work I would prefer to go for Blueberry or Ink !!!