Bleu nuit zcp or key and change holder?

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  1. I am thinking of going to LV tomorrow and I want to get something in vernis bleu nuit. Should I get the zcp or the change and key holder?
  2. zcp. its so cute.
  3. zcp
  4. i vote zcp
  5. if you don't already have wallet, then get the key and change holder. or vice versa. personally i would get the key and change holder. you can use it has a bag charm or clip it with your keys.
  6. zippy!
  7. Zcp!
  8. hard choice. I have a cles and I LOVE it. I just got a rose pop zcp yesterday. I think if I had to pick only one it may have to be the cles.
  9. I prefer the cles ! :yes:

    I just love the hook !
  10. Definitely the ZCP! ;) I saw the ones in Vert Bronze yesterday (the SLGs), and they looked dull in comparison to the ones in Bleu Nuit...
  11. I say ZCP but then again it's a toughie because they're both sooo cute! I guess it really depends on what you would use it for. Obviously the ZCP can hold more but if you already have a wallet and want something for "grab-n-go" then go with the key and change holder. I am looking to get a ZCP to replace the wallet I have now, but if I were to get the key holder it would be used for frequently used cards, my gym pass, and parking tickets. Good luck in your decision and I'm sure you'll be happy either way! :biggrin: You can always get both but in different colors :graucho:
  12. I say the Zippy, I don't like the new bigger cles
  13. Ita!!!!
  14. I agree also!
  15. I say key and change holder because you can hang them from your bags and they look so cute!!