Bleu nuit ZCP for a guy?

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  1. hi again TPF'ers, i've been looking at getting some more LV for a while, and i saw the ZCP in bleu nuit on the website. does anyone have any pics of this piece (real-life pictures, instead of glossy website ones), and do you think a 16yo, 5'6" male could get away with it without looking overly feminine?
    i take care with all my stuff, but it wouldn't be babied either - i just want something that's dark and looks good to stuff coins and papers into (preferably with gold hardware).

    i dislike graphite, don't care much for utah, already own a monogram labels pm agenda, ebene keepit bracelet, and a gold lock (not much, i know :smile: ) i really like the blue colour of the ZCP but i don't really enjoy how it seems to be made with a super reflective coating.

    what do you think? this would be my main christmas present, or should i be looking at something else? thanks, Dan :smile:
  2. I think the bleu nuit zcp would look nice for a guy. I don't feel that it needs to be babied either but on the other hand, if it's going to be shoved into your pockets instead of being placed in the pocket of a bag it could start to look really worn quickly IMO.
  3. ^^ but that only adds character lol
    the button on the tab of my agenda is pretty scratched up now after being shoved in my schoolbag countless times (i used to care, but now i'm just like.. bleh... it'll happen one day anyhow), and now it really belongs to me.
  4. I think it would look really great on a guy! It really doesn't look too glossy with the dark blue so you can pull it off. I think you'll find some pics of the ZCP in Bleu Nuit at the ZCP clubhouse :smile:

  5. By all means, once you buy it you can handle it any way you like.
  6. ^^ Thanks for the opinion and advice, i searched for the ZCP clubhouse and found a few shots of bleu nuit zcps. Some of the shots were taken close-up with flash on, so that wasn't much help, but one was taken in what looked like a food court or something and the colour seems great (not too glossy) in the normal, real-life setting

    i'm liking this piece more and more :biggrin:
  7. I'm not a blue person to tell the truth, but the color is amazing. I think it looks more masculine than feminine even on the handbags. I think it would be a nice purchase.
  8. I think it will look great!
  9. Definitely! Go for it! I'm a guy and I love my bleu nuit clés and would definitely consider the same colour for a ZCP.
  10. great for a guy -- go for it!!
  11. I like it and I'm a guy. So go for it!
  12. Definitely go for it!!! I like the color of it as well.

    p.s I'm a 16 yo guy like you (:
  13. I love the Bleu Nuit... and I think it's the most masculine of all the vernis colours... It looks really dark in low light too. If you really love it, you should get it! You'll probably get many stares of admiration from the ladies when you whip it out at the cash register!
  14. Perfectly fine IMO. If you want it, you should get one.
  15. Yes, absolutely! I think it's a very unisex colour :smile: