bleu nuit or whiskey

  1. which would you choose? I'm being sold a bleu nuit and I wanted the whiskey. If i get the bleu nuit then i forego the whiskey. what do you think?
  2. Hard decision :confused1:
    I like both.... whiskey??? Blue nuit is very nice too!!!
    Difficult to choose, which colour you think you will use more?
  3. I would go with the bleu nuit if your wardrobe is somewhat monochromatic. I wear a lot of black and gray and love wearing a bright bag to give my outfit some pop of color.
  4. i would say bleu nuit too! the whiskey although is nice, its pretty common, lots of people have that shade
  5. I adore my Bleu Nuit!! The color goes with sooo much.

    Typically I would say I am def into the neutrals, but this color just works :cool:
  6. Both colors are beautiful, but only you can decide which color you really want if you can only have one.
  7. Both colors are gorgeous --Definitely think about what colors you wear most frequently.
  8. Both are pretty but when I had to choose between the two, I ended up choosing Whiskey over the Blue Nuit and have never regretted it.
  9. I vote for Whiskey although I love the Blue Nuit quite a bit. If you wear a lot of jeans and bright tops then BN would be a great choice. I had the blue-grey Noir but never had any use for it with my winter clothes (which are more neutral) so returned it. For that much money I wanted it to be a year round bag for me.
  10. I say blue nuit.
  11. i vote for bleu nuit also :smile: it's super gorgeous esp when u love wearing jeans
  12. Warmer skin-tone - Whiskey.

    Cooler skin-tone - Bleu Nuit.

    Neutral skin-tone - whichever you prefer. :biggrin:
  13. ^Well said S!!;) :yes:

    Well, i'd personally have to vote for whiskey because i've already got one, lol..;)

    I love the bleu nuit ALOT...but i get more potential use out of whiskey, or any other neutral colours.

    Bleu nuit is definitely a colour i'd consider in the future though. :love:
  14. ^ Thank you Miss M! :flowers:
  15. That is such a tough choice! I would say whiskey too! It is one of my most favorite Chloe colors!!!