Bleu Nuit GHW K28

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  1. What do u girls think about Bleu Nuit?
    Would it be a good pick for K28 in GHW?

    Need your advice, many thanks
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  2. Bleu Nuit is on my wish list!!! I have not seen it irl but in photos it is such a mysterious color! I think it would be beautiful in phw or ghw (with my personal preference slightly leaning toward phw) but i recently got a graphite birkin in ghw which i would have imagined to look better with phw...but i LOVE it with ghw. probably anything looks great with ghw!
  3. BN is the perfect Navy imo! Perfect neutral with a twist :smile:
    Goes with everything. This is my B30 PHW togo. Truly obsessed with this Beauty :smile: :smile: :smile:

  4. I too prefer it with PHW.
  5. This is K28 phw. Cant go wrong with bleu nuit color.. It could look like black under different lightning .. And i love everything with ghw, so urs will be beautiful!

  6. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1461460841.796781.jpg
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  7. Love it. Does anyone have a comparison photo of Bleu Nuit with Indigo??
  8. Ohhh.....this shade is blue is so elegant and divine. I would love it with GHW. It can look like a black or a blue depending on your lighting so it's incredibly versatile.

    If you're ever offered one. Snatch it up! :smile::smile::smile:
  9. great color , prefer everything with phw, but this one would be great with ghw too!
  10. Great color get it!
  11. I've seen blue nuit in real life and I think it's a great alternative to black
  12. dear if you dont mind sharing - how did you fit the heart tag on the petit h charm
    its genius do share if you dont mind my copying
  13. I have a lindy in Bleu nuit and love it so much! The color works as a neutral and goes with everything. ^^
  14. I was just offered a k28 blue nuit togo return with ghw, but also have a k25 black sombrero seller with ghw. Too similar or two completely diff bags?? Please help my TPFers!!
  15. I mean retourne...dang auto spell... :smile:
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