bleu nuit bowler avail!

  1. ok so last year sometime i went into cricket in liverpool and checked out a bleu nuit bowler paddy for chloe-babe! it was TDF! and i no this colour is hard to find so when i spotted another one in cricket again at the weekend i felt like i had to let you all know that it was there waiting to be purchased by a wonderful TPF'er who will take care of her and lover her to death!

    :smile: hope somebody takes her home! i LOVE this colour! :yes:
  2. ahhhh I wonder where it came from? wow, how did you stop yourself taking it home honey :biggrin:

    thanks for letting us know, part of me is getting excited and thinking it might be the new royal colour and they have re released the loaf, but I havent heard anything about it, so maybe it has been hiding there since back in 2005?

    v odd, would love to know the story, and more importantly, did you buy anything while you were there :biggrin:
  3. As the proud mom of a bleu nuit bowler, I have to URGE someone to grab this gorgeous bag. It's my favorite Chloe so far. :heart:

    What's this about the loaf re-releasing? I am still kicking myself for swapping mine (for a b-bag, a whim that lasted about 5 seconds for me :sad: ) and would love to get another one someday!
  4. I dont think it has been released again, but it does seem odd that a chloe authorised outlet still has a loaf bag from 2005, and has only just been seen on the shelf!!!
  5. chloe! it looked almost exactly the same as the one i saw for you! i cant remember completely because it was actually on the floor... but if you saw the shop you'd understand what i mean!
    ahhh it was payday too! if i didnt have to pay for my holiday tomorrow lol... and got paid about twice as much haha! well then it would have been mine haha!
    and unfortunately i didnt buy anything! there wasnt much in, well there was but not much i liked tbh! i was more on a holiday cheap clothes spree anyways! :smile:
  6. I recognize that bag! :p
  7. i dont mean to sound rude but i did say above that id checked one out for chloe-babe last year and its the same! sorry if i was abit edgy on details but im 99% sure it was a bleu nuit paddy bowler! :smile:
  8. With all the current confusion over the color Bleu Nuit and the on-going confusion about the style some call "bowler" that others call "box" I think queries are not questioning your veracity, but simply looking for clarification.

    At least mine was. Sorry for the annoyance.
  9. yep, gucci girl defo knows her bags! so I am sure they must have maybe had two loafs originally, as she checked my mini loaf out originally for me, and it was on her advise that I went ahead and bought the gorgeous one!!

    ah, sorry you didnt see anything you like in Cricket, Coleen must have been in again and completely cleaned them out ;)

    Besides, for holidays, topshop has gotta be a better solution for sure :biggrin:
  10. hmwe46 - im sorry for the confusion i didnt mean to be rude.

    chloe - i never shopped here before but dorothy perkins has some lovely summer clothes this summer and really cheap prices! i got a lovely summer dress which is a pink strapy one with green around the bottom for only £25! :|

    haha i dont think it was coleen clearing them out sheree murphy was in there and SHE was clearing them out lol!
  11. No worries!!

    So did someone go buy this?!?!?

    OMG, I lucked into a BNWT Balenciaga black city at NM and while I paid full retail I was thrilled to get the older (better!) leather!!