Bleu Nuit (and a camera hog)

  1. I must be INSANE but I seem to have acquired another paddington :shame:

    This one literally LEAPT into my lap and refused to leave. So how could I ask the other girl to pry the pretty mini loaf off of me? It would have been quite inconsiderate.

    So I kept her :love: Just to be fair, you understand :angel:


    and for a size comparo:


    plus the inside is sooo roomy!

  2. It is totally adorable..Congrats....I loooove the color.:love: :love: :love:
  3. O M G!!!!!!! Absolutely stunning!!! :tender: I'm in-love with the color and the style is so unique!!! :love: :heart::love::heart: Your collection is amazing hmwe, I'm seriously drooling here!! :drool:
  4. Thank you Audrey!!!

    I am so in love with this bag!!

    It goes with so much stuff in my closet and the leather is just so soft and supple.

    The shape is too cute and the size is outstanding. It's lighter than the regular paddies and still fits on my shoulder. :rochard:
  5. Isn't that bleu wonderful? It goes really nicely with jeans and such without blending in or competing with the jeans color. :wlae:

  6. Woo hoo, that is one gorgeous bag! :yahoo:
  7. hmwe46 I LOVVVVE it!!! :heart: :heart: Wow, the bleu nuit is incredibly GORGEOUS!! Is this size a small loaf or large loaf? ITA with Audrey, your collection is TDF!!!!!:love: :love: :love: Enjoy!!
  8. So beautiful I am almost speechless!!!
  9. I'm beyond happy for you! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: The leather must be TDF!! :drool: :love: You totally deserve this incredible beauty!! :heart: How heavy is the bag, I'm curious??
  10. Wow, it's beautiful! And cute. What wallet is that inside?
  11. Thanks gals :blush:

    AbbYY: it's the small loaf, isn't it so cute??!!?

    junebug: the wallet was a total surprise gift from DH last Christimas. It's a Mulberry in the Darwin oak. I swear, I get more compliments on that than my paddy's!! Everytime I pull it out someone goes "oooo" :biggrin:
  13. Sweet little bag in an even sweeter color! Congratulations!
  14. LOL: I have the Mulberry Blenheim in the oak and I wear it when my shoulder needs a break!!! :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

    I also have a pretty little lipstick case that M&D got me:


  15. Oh it is gorgeous, that's a perfect blue shade and a yummiest baby..!! It looks so soft:love: :love: Congrats hmwe, your collection is TDF...!!:flowers: I love the wallet and lipstick case too..!!