bleu marine croc B 35 PHW

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  1. yay or nay? should i go for it?

    have never owned a navy blue bag before - what do you wear it with?
    TIA for your opinions! :smile:
  2. I have never seen marine irl. But I love navy!! Would it be matte or shiny? I would wear matte with everything I could think of!:P
  3. marine bleu is gorgeous! it is what i called "black with sophistication!"

    i think marine bleu can go with just about any color (and yes, I would wear it with black as well!)

  4. It sounds divine and a change from black, I say get it
  5. sounds amazing!
  6. Yay.

    With light tone yellow, whites, greys, light greys, lilac shades, faded blues, royal blues. I like bleu marine in matte, hidden elegance charm. In shiny, it's equally stunning and stand-out.
  7. I love the H blues, I have indigo and blue de prusse and both colours go with everything. I think blue is more versatile and stunning than just plain black. Go for it!
  8. You should definitely go for it!!!!
  9. oh definite YAY
    i would wear it with anything... even with black.
    and it will look beautiful to compliment grey and creamy tones too
  10. What would I wear? Everything, nothing, lol! who cares! Just wear it! :P
  11. i would think marine bleu will look perfect with any color really may it be neutrals or any intense colors.
  12. Stunning go for it..........

    Love it with black, brights and neutrals.
  13. Oh it sounds amazing!!! YES go for it!!
  14. Sounds great! I love blue! If you love it too, I'd definitely go for it ;).
  15. It sounds STUNNING.........I's definitely go for it!