Bleu Lavande...should i go for it?

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  1. Hey everyone i could really use some help!
    I fell in love with the colour bleu lavande from '11 but ended up getting a black part time in RH. I sold the part time (didn't really like the shape, wanted a city) and haven't replaced her yet. I managed to find a bleu lavande city in RH over the phone in london but from reading other posts i hear the leather after '10 isn't that great? is this true? also i see that for s/s '13 there is a mauve colour and i was thinking i should wait for it but im not sure about the colour..

    get the bleu lavande or wait for mauve??

  2. I have had 2 BL bags, a part time with RGGH and a work with GSH and the leather on them both has been amazing. I can't help with a comparison with the new season colours but BL is gorgeous.
  3. I have a BL in RGGH too and totally love the color & HW pairing.
  4. Thanks guys! i agree that the RGGH with the BL is a beautiful combination but i cant find it with the GH so ill have to with the RH. Do you get any problems with colour transfer?
  5. I don't think the leather after '10 is bad as a rule. Leather varies from bag to bag - I've seen bad leather in every year. All you can do is judge each bag individually.

    BL is a gorgeous color and I think you will be pleased.
  6. I have several bags from 2011 and ALL of them have absolutely amazing leather!
  7. Oh great :smile: it's just because it would be a mail order and on some threads some bags have been called papery but I guess it depends on the bag! The SA at the store sent me two pictures and I am unsure of which one ill go with. I'll post both for opinions if that's okay



    Which would you go for? I'm in love with this colour and although black is my favourite colour I already have a Chanel jumbo in black that I use a lot.
  8. I vote the one on the right (2nd one)! :biggrin:

  9. I vote the 2nd photo too. May I ask which London store cos I see in the background a Cumin wallet or clutch with rggh.
  10. Love Bleu Lavande; waiting on a BL RGGH PT myself!!

    I actually like the 1st photo bag; the leather looks more distressed & chewy (then again, that's MY preference!).

    As far as the '13 Mauve; it's going to be closer to Outremer, not BL .. so if this is the color you want, you should get it tout suite!!

  11. Its Harvey Nichols in Knightsbridge. Yes my instinct is to go with the second as well, im just so nervous about buying a bag i haven't seen. Also my obsession with black is pulling me away from this gorgeous bag :panic:
  12. ^^ that was my FAVE store in London!!!! Everytime I returned back to the states, my luggage always had (more than a) few Bal goodies from HN! Loved their jewelry department too; wish we had Harvey Nicks here!
  13. OMGEE! How'd you manage to find a RGGH BL? Jelly max.
  14. Yes i agree, i LOVE Harvey Nics in London! There is one where i am in manchester but its not quite the same as the london one. I think im going to go for it :biggrin:
  15. Agree with the others that you can't say all 2011 bags are all depends on the bag. I think BL is stunning. Go for it!