Bleu Hydra Picotin - should I get it?

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  1. Dear fellow tPFers, I need your opinion: I'm thinking about getting a Pico MM in bleu hydra, but I have never seen this colour 'in nature' yet.

    Is it a nice colour in clemence and will it look nice on a Pico? Will I be able to use it year round, or just during the Summer?
    I'd be most grateful for your input and any pics you might have! :hugs:
  2. It's funny you mention this color, as this is also one of the colors I am considering for a MM Picotin :smile:. It does look nice in a Pico, but I am still undecided if I find it too bright for me or not and like you, if I would wear it in autumn and winter season as well....
    Here's a picture of TankerToad's BH MM Picotin ;).

  3. Thank you dear Chanel! I think we need to ask our TankerToad for some advise and hopefully mod pictures!
  4. loving this color ladies! clem is a very nice soft leather for pico. its not tht pften i see a bright colored pico. i think the blue hydra gives that extra POP for an under the radar bag like pico :smile: as being able to wear it yr rounnd ithink u can, as you can adjust and coordinate with the rest of ur outfits :smile:?
  5. It's a beautiful color!
  6. Maggie, I think this color is heavenly but I do not see it as a year round color. However, this can depend on where you live! So beautiful!!
  7. I saw BH today and it is a gorgeous color, definitely intense and bright. I think it would be very nice in a picotin because it is rather compact due to bucket shape...
  8. The Bleu Hydra clemence swatch made the Mykonos swatch look dull - Blue Hydra is gorgeous but very bright! Picotin seems like a great choice for this lovely color.
  9. It is an intense very saturated blue. I chose the Pico for this color because it is a FUN bag and small so the POP of color is just right. I wore it with all black this last weekend. An all back jersey dress and black tights and short CL booties. The next day with black skinny jeans black sweater and short black leather jacket. TheBblue Hydra bag was the pop! Also looks good with white and denim~surprisingly it looked good with more than I thought.
    I fell in the love with the color the second I saw it~
    Looking forward to your thought on the color MaggieH!!
    Here is a close up with my matching nails!!
  10. Terrible iphone snap, but Blue Hydra in Action~and by the way~it is cold here and I am wearing this bag NOW!
  11. Blue Hydra is beautiful! And this coming from someone who doesnt like blue..
  12. nice blue....

    beyond what i expected
  13. I saw a Pico MM in bleu hydra last week in my local store. It´s awesome!
    The bag was reserves so I had no chance.....
  14. The blue is compelling~it just draws you in. The most saturated and intense blue EVER!
  15. It's really intense and makes a statement for sure.