Bleu Glacier Work *Pics* as promised!

  1. Bought this bag off E-bay...came a few weeks ago but haven't had the chance to take pics till now. Here it is! I love it! The colour is more sky blue than the pics show it to be. Also have a pic next to my Truffle City. :yes:
    Bleu Glacier Work.JPG My Giant Hardware Bags.JPG
  2. OH, both of them are beautiful! Congrats!!
  3. Gorgeous!!! Love the bleu glacier ! waou! congrats;)
  4. love them ! Congrat!
  5. Dang... I love love love that color! Argh... I thought the blues would be too much for me, but its like a pretty purpley periwinkley blue.... Congrats!
  6. Wowwweee your BG is beautiful!!! CONGRATS :tup:
  7. Gorgeous! Blue Glacier is one of my all time favorites! Congrats!
  8. Gorgeous blue but subtle and versatile too. Congrats!
  9. So pretty! They're a cute couple.
  10. Ohhhh....they both are really beautiful.:tup:
    Absolutely, the Blue Glacier is GORGEOUS!:drool:
    Congrats and enjoy!!!:yahoo:
  11. I love it. Blue glacier is TDF. Congrats!
  12. congrats! mod pics please!
  13. [​IMG]


    Both looks lovely.....congrats!:heart:
  14. It lovely. Congrats!!
  15. Gorgeous. I always liked BG with GGH...!!