Bleu Glacier pictures?

  1. I have searched and I have found very few pictures of this color. Does anyone have it, or has seen it that could describe it to me. It almost looks like a denim blue???
  2. I should have mine tomorrow or Friday - I will post pics when I get it. Meanwhile, you should search on bleu glacier, blue glacier, and periwinkle. There are some pics out there. That's all I got. Goood luck.
  3. hgbags had a bleu glacier first available on eBay although I don't know if it is sold yet. It is a really pretty color in real life but very veiny and textured so you have to like that look.
  4. crjhht, I've seen bleu glacier IRL and love it! I'd describe it as a soft, true blue without green undertones. Yes, denim blue. To me, it's not really periwinkle as that would have purple undertones. Here's a picture from Aloha Rag but it looks darker than it is in real life.
  5. Not denim blue at all. More like a lighter lavender color...

  6. [​IMG]

    Cornetto - hmm, it looks darker than i tot too..but the bag is still AWESOME:yes: :yes:
  7. Yeah, I love this colour even if it's more veiny than others. :heart:
  8. That's true....great choice:yes: :yes:
  9. Celia, sorry this isn't my bag but I wish it was. :p I asked Aloha Rag to send me pics but I ended up getting an anthracite instead.