Bleu Glacier Part time

  1. Hi guys, I'm new to the Balenciaga section..and i've just been browsing around and now i REALLY want a part time in bleu glacier. I was just wondering if it exists with the silver hardware and if I can even find it anymoreee.:confused1: OH, and is it really big/slouchy? I'm 5'2"--so pretty petite. TIA! :smile:
  2. Sorry but the Blue Glacier only comes in regular hardware or the gold hardware. The silver hardware was only introduced this season (F/W) and Blue Glacier is a last season colour. I haven't seen a Blue Glacier Part Time, but I'm sure it exists somewhere.

    I don't think the part time will be too big for you, but if you don't like big bags, I'd go for a City
  3. ooh ok, thanks bern!
  4. You're welcome :smile:
  5. i know there is bleu with GSH at AR. and they had that in PT size at neiman's austin yesterday.
  6. ooh thanks sasa4!
  7. Hi and welcome! The color available with silver giant hardware (SGH) is called Ocean Blue. It is really pretty! I think the Part Time would be lovely on you, I have seen pics here on gals who are also petite and it works wonderfully on them. Good luck!
  8. I saw a bleu glacier part time at Nordstrom Sacramento last week. It had regular hardware. I'm not sure if it's still there but if you're interested, you can give them a call at 916-646-2400. Ask for Patrice--she's great!
  9. my friend owns one in GGH, she's 158cm tall

    it looks great on her
  10. thanks for the info guys! and i'll def check out the ocean blue color cuz i really like the silver hardware.
  11. it's great combination. Stunning!!! good luck! :tup:
  12. few weeks back, AR still has the Bleu with SSH at US$1595.

    PT doesn't slouch a lot. i thought i'd like it but i prefer the City, esp worn on the shoulder with the strap.
  13. Barney's Chicago had either a PT or a City with SGH yesterday ....
  14. someone said bleu doesn't come with the silver hardware. or does SSH stand for something else...? lol
  15. oopsy, my apologies! it should be SGH or GSH. Silver Giant Hardware or Giant Silver Hardware. the Ocean / Bleu is gorgeous with either Gold or Silver giant hardware :yes: