Bleu Glacier Out Yet?

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  1. We've seen the anthracite pics.....does that mean bleu glacier is out now too? Would loooooove to see pics if anyone happens to stroll into Bal NY anytime soon:graucho:
  2. I called BNY about a week or so ago and they said mid-March.
  3. oh crud, i saw (and carried) a bleu glacier first in printemps but didnt think anyone would be interested so didn't sneack pics.
  4. was it? Was it like a muted grey/blue? I really hope so!!
  5. I've seen it this morning in City size...
    IMO it looks like the Conflower and Blue India lovechild with maybe a very light blue-lavande overtone...

    I really wanted to have BG in Day size, but it wasn't love at first sight for me...
  6. it looked like a v faded denim blue, with some lavender/silverish undertones. it's definitely a 'cool' color closer to cornflower than than the 'warm' tones of BI.
  7. Thanks for those descriptions. I'd love to see photos too. It doesn't sound like either one of you was that impressed with the color.
  8. oh no, don't get me wrong. if i could have i would have snapped up the BG first in a heartbeat. (see my sig) except im on a very strict budget which i absolutely cannot bust. :crybaby:

    it's such a pretty 'carefree' color that would look really good with jeans, against a black coat (which is what i was wearing), or pretty flowy summer frocks.

    i'm a sucker for Bal blues and this is a very pretty one, prettier than ice blue and bleu india IMO. and definitely much nicer than the current season french blue!
  9. Okay, thanks for that elaboration.:yes: In terms of intensity, how does it compare with other blues (e.g., darker or lighter than BI)?
  10. The swatch goes a little purple... does it IRL??
  11. i would say lighter than BI but darker than ice blue. maybe about the same intensity of sky blue but more silver toned? sorta like pale cornflower? my best description - faded denim, with the white threads showing through.

    fromparis, can you confirm?

    do note this is based on the mental picture of the bleu glacier and anthracite i spent 20min or so swinging about in either hand in the store. :p

    oh the color swatch of BG here is pretty close....
    atelier.naff: Seafoam! (ish) ...SS07 color swatches
  12. Thanks, that's a really helpful description. It sounds pretty but maybe too light of a color for me.
  13. can't wait to see it
  14. I hope I like it! I need something to go w/my gucci blue flora wedges :wlae: .