Bleu Glacier or Blue India??

  1. Ok, my dad went to paris and I asked him to buy a balenciaga city for me. I asked his wife to choose a nice blue for me, preferably the marine. The Marine was NOT available on the Balenciaga boutique in Paris so they ended up bringing a lighter blue.
    I must tell you guys, I didn't LOVE the bag immediatly, in my opinion, it looks to light/weird with jeans. However, I just wore it for the first time with a nice blue-ish outfit and it looked amazing!!
    They were REALLY nice to get me the bag, so there is NO way I'm returning/selling. However, I don't LOVE the bag, I would prefer a daker blue I guess. Oh well, maybe I'll get used to it.
    Anyways, I would LOVE to know what BLUE exactly it is. From photos on the forum, I think it's either blue glacier or blue india. How can I be sure???
  2. Blue glacier is a ss07 colors.(veiny and it's a soft blue)
    blue India a 2006 color. (go on turquoise)
    you have to look at the code.

    If you show us a picture...maybe we can help you.
  3. Bg!
  4. It will be better for us to tell which color it is if you have the pictures. Bleu Glacier and Blue India are totally different colors.oh! yes and the code, too.
  5. thanks girls.
    I think its blue glacier, since he just got it from the Paris boutique. which code do you guys want? the one in the bag or the controllato?
  6. Either item will tell us for sure which color you have. However, if the card says 2007, it is definitely Blue Glacier. If it says 2006, then you have a Blue India.
  7. ok, one of the cards say 2007 1
    the bag code is 115748 ...

    i guess its BG
    what do you guys think of it?
  8. The white card with the date and the season in the upper left corner (e.g, 2007 1 would be for spring 2007).
  9. Yep, sounds like BG given the information on the card.:yes:
  10. yes, was blue glacier a spring color?
    then its definetly it because it says 2007 1
    what do u guys think of it?
    i think it's too light!! I wanted a marine or cornflower style bag...
    but i must say, it IS a gorgeous color. Darker than the blue india i guess