Bleu Glacier on board !!!!

  1. Hello girls,

    I'm very exciting to introduce you my new BBag : First "bleu glacier" SS07 !!!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
    I bought it yesterday in Paris (Printemps store). It's a gorgeous color, exactly what i expected. Sort of blue/grey, very chic !
    I post somme pictures.
    The first and second are without flash in my home.
    Third with flash.
    and the last near the windows (not really sunny weather...)

    LOve it !!!:heart::heart::heart:
    photo 009.jpg photo 002.jpg photo 008.jpg photo 004.jpg
  2. wow! that'a a really great color! I can't wait to see one!
  3. Very pretty color. I thought that color would be more gray than blue.
  4. GORGEOUS!!! Thanks so much for posting! I REALLY love this colour...CONGRATS!!:yahoo:
  5. Congratulations - first blue glacier purchase to be posted on TPF! Your handbag is lovely. :love:
  6. It's really pretty:heart: Congrats!
  7. Beautiful Bbag! Congratulations...:yahoo:
  8. :yahoo: Congratulations!:yahoo:

    It's GORGEOUS. Love love love that colour!
  9. That's so pretty! I love it! Thanks for sharing :love:
  10. i love this color!
  11. Congrats! it's beautiful :love:
  12. What a beautiful colour. Congrats!
  13. Congrats, very pretty bag! It looks like a greyer cornflower.
  14. LOVE IT! So classy.
  15. LOVE the color, it's so beautiful!