Bleu Glacier leather...does it seem drier ?

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  1. Hi there, I am a bit of a newbie to this site so I'm sorry if I am asking something in the wrong thread or if its been posted before (I'm still learning...!) I just received two new BBags in Argile (sandstone) and Bleu Glacier both with GH in the Work style. The Bleu Glacier has some major ruching/creasing on the inner handles so much so that you really feel it when you hold the bag (feels rough and ...well, erm ruched and creased !). I got it from a decent stockist and they said no prob to return it and can replace with another. I'm just wondering does anyone else have this bag and if so have they experienced this or does anyone else think this might be a bleu glacier leather thing ? I've got lots of Bbags stashed away (hidden from boyfriend....) and appreciate the leather varies but can't find another in my collection with the same ruching/creasing in the inner handles. Love to hear your thoughts. To exchange or not exchange ...? Thanks,
  2. All the Bleu Glacier's I have seen are not dry, but I have read about the BG & Aquamarine colours to be a little dry on some leathers. BG is such a gorgeous colour with the hints of grey and lilac, it would be a shame to change it for something else. I would try a fragrance free conditioner that is non staining on handles. You don't want that boot-polish smell coming from your conditioner!
  3. OH! Can you post modelling pics...or pics of the Bleu Glacier GH...It's such a gorgeous bag!
  4. hi there, I've hopefully got another bleu glacier coming to me for an exchange. I don't have pics yet and camera awol. Will try to post some later. I think this might be a one off bag with heavily creased inner handles - definitely a different feeling and I'm worried about cracking. The colour is gorgeous though - totally agree. What leather conditioner do tPFers recommend for BBags ?
  5. There are several conditioners out in the general marketplace, but all of them have (what I call) a boot-polish-smell. You can get fragrance-free conditioners that are made of non-petroleum based ingredients.