Bleu Glacier...colour differences?

  1. hiya all!

    I just purchased a new bleu glacier GH work bag over E-bay and I'm anxiously waiting for it to arrive. The pics looks great...the colour is exactly what i want: very grey, blu-ish undertones. However, it worries me because when I see photos of other bleu glacier two seem the same colour! I've seen some very very obviously blue ones, and ones that just seem plain grey.

    Any insights on why this is please? Or could you tell me if the ones you've seen seem to be the same shade?

    Thanks much! :smile:
  2. Do you have a pic of the bag you bought?

  3. I do...the eBay link only at the I allowed to post that?
  4. I think you can only post an eBay link in the Authenticate this! thread in the Balenciaga Shopping section. If you post it there I'll have a look (I'm no expert though!!)

  5. thanks Bern! I'll do it right now! :smile: