Bleu Glacier City - Please help with selection!


Ahhh decisions, decisions - shld I get bag 1, 2 or pass on both?

  1. Bag 1

  2. Bag 2

  3. Pass on both!

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  1. So I totally missed out on SS07 bbags because the first half of the year was just so hectic for me, and I didn't get time to indulge in any bbag buying. However, I really, really wanted a Bleu Glacier City, so it's really only *bay for me... until I found not one but TWO brand new ones at a retailer!!

    My only problem is that both bags looks really really veiny. Do I take a chance on one of them, or pass altogether? I will probably condition whichever bag I get, IF I get one.

    My dear gals, this is where you come in - please help me make the right decision! I've bought way too many bbags in the past couple of months, but the bleu glacier is always at the back of my mind. I'm not feeling any love for SS08 sky blue, so it's either I buy this brand new, or stalk *bay for another one.

    Thanks in advance!

    A) Bag 1
    B) Bag 2
    C) Pass on both.
    bag1.noflash.jpg bag2.jpg comp.leathers.jpg
  2. I voted for Bag 1, but they look pretty close to me. I think, even though it's veiny, that with wear it will become nice and smooshy. My Violet Twiggy seemed kind of dry and veiny when I got it, but I noticed the other day after weeks of wear that it's really becoming soft and smooshy!
  3. Hi Jade, I've always loved this shade too, but they do look veiny...does conditioning them help lighten the veins:confused1:
  4. :yahoo:Moon!! Atleast now I have my hopes up that my veiny bags will eventually get smooshy and soft in the future too!!
  5. I love this color too, but I love blues. I like the first one much better than the other one.
  6. Hi!

    The SA said "Bag1 has smaller distressing and Bag2 has bigger veins which are not that distressed (the veins are not deep)"

    I believe conditioning sometimes helps smooth out the veins a little.
  7. I think bag 1 is a bit better looking. It almost looks like a thicker leather on that bag, whereas bag 2 is so dry looking.
  8. One looks more what I'd call distressed, and 2 looks veiny and maybe dry. I'd prefer One if I was getting one of these, but it's a matter of personal preference.
  9. I voted for Bag 1 - the leather really does looks so much better and more consistent. This is such a beautiful color!!! I've contemplated trying to find this color with the GGH.
  10. Bag #1.:tup:
  11. Thanks gals!

    I was leaning towards bag 1 too! Bag 2 has a bit of the crackly look to it, but I just wasn't sure because the SA said it had 'less deep' veins.

    So no one's voting for pass on both? :graucho:

    I have a couple of hours to decide because they have a package ready to courier out to me today in order for it to reach me by Monday, and this bbag will go in the same package if I decide before the courier gets there :girlsigh:

    I was going to pass on it but they really made it hard to!!
  12. Bag 1 looks better than bag 2 (since the leather on this looks particularly so dry)..
  13. Another vote for Bag #1. :yes:
    As dusty paws mentioned, the leather looks, the color looks more even on this bag. Good luck w/your decision! I've always admired bleu glacier - such a pretty color! :heart:
  14. Okay can anyone notice the small mark on Bag1? It is a small dot to the left of the "bag1" text. It is quite evident on the first bag1 pic too? Do you think this is a natural leather defect or something else?

  15. Bag 1!!

    I've always had this colour at the back of my mind too... I tried it on at Cult Status, and it seemed very versatile, but I couldn't justify it at the time.

    I think you'll find that the majority of the BG's will have the mottled look